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US: AIG attacked for expensive retreat just days after bail-out

Date: 8 Oct 2008

Photo of Martin Sullivan

Martin Sullivan, the former CEO of AIG, came under fire as he testified to Congress as the chairman of the committee flashed images of the luxury hotel that had hosted an executive retreat for the company at a cost of nearly $400,000 just days after the firm's saving from collapse.

AIG has admitted that the retreat took place, although it was said that the event was a reward for a group of self-employed life insurers not for AIG executives. The distinction did little to quell the outrage surrounding the revelation as the figures spent were compared to amounts owing on mortgage payments by people about to lose their homes.

The committee also attacked Mr Sullivan in conjunction with a former witness, Mr Fuid from Lehman Brothers, for both 'refusing to accept any blame for what happened to their companies'.


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