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Chemical waste

Netherlands: Trafigura guilty of exporting toxic waste

Trafigura illegally exported toxic waste from Amsterdam, according to the findings of a Dutch court. The company transported the waste to the Ivory Coast where it injured thousands of local people in 2006.

Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Trafigura offers to settle with toxic waste victims

Trafigura, the company at the centre of a toxic waste scandal in the Ivory Coast, has offered the 30,000 people affected by the dumping a payment of 1,000 UK pounds each as compensation.

Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Toxic waste claims disputed

Trafigura has launched a lawsuit against a British TV news programme for alleging that the company had been involved in one of the biggest toxic waste dumping scandals in the world.

Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Lawyers walk out of pollution trial

The trial around the dumping of 500 tons of chemical waste by a company acting on behalf of Dutch firm Trafigura has been halted when defence lawyers walked out in protest at the company's absence from court.

Ivory Coast: Trafigura to pay for toxic clean up

Trafigura, the Dutch oil trading group, has said that it will pay nearly $200m to clean up the consequences of a pollution incident involving toxic waste.

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