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Bill Gates

Bill Gates will invest $2bn in renewables in the next five years

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said that innovation will be the key to solving climate change, and has pledged to invest $2bn in developing renewable energy technologies over the coming five years. He said that he is already investing in companies working on battery storage, next-generation nuclear, solar and wind power, and carbon capture.

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Photo of air pollution sunset

Australia: Business, unions and NGOs join forces over climate change

Four of Australia's biggest business lobby groups have joined an alliance with unions, investors and campaigning NGOs to call for more robust policies to take the country towards reducing the impact of climate change.

Oil palm

Papua New Guinea: Big palm oil firms investigating breach of deforestation commitments

Cargill and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) have said that they will review allegations that a supplier, a subsidiary of Eagle High Plantations Tbk, had continued a programme of deforestation in Papua New Guinea in contravention of sustainability commitments.

Maggi Noodles

India: Nestle target of damages claim for food contamination

The Indian government has filed for damages against Nestlé after fears of lead in the Maggi Noodles brand led to a ban on the product by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. According to Reuters, the action is the first time the Indian government has sought damages from a multinational.